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Tapaseura, the Good Manners Society, was established in 1996. Its goal is to strengthen the knowledge of good manners and raise interest in the development of behavioral culture locally and globally.

During its operation, Tapaseura has established itself as a significant national player in the study of good manners and etiquette. Tapaseura wishes to emphasize that good manners make life more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. It is easier to cope in different situations when you know the rules of the game - the basic manners.

The most anticipated event organized by Tapaseura is the yearly Good Manners Gala at which the Best- Mannered Person of the year is nominated. Nominees are associated with strong positive images, and are good role models for the rest of us.

Once a year, Tapaseura also presents the Good Manners Act award that is granted to an individual or organization that has contributed something meaningful related to Tapaseura’s objectives.

Tapaseura is a very active society and arranges social get-togethers and educational events for the members. Wish to become a member? Fill in the application form.